We often have a number of black kittens & cats in our care and we always need to find them new homes, yet sadly they are frequently overlooked.

It is very sad that black kittens and cats are often overlooked as people choose more 'pretty' colours, this can mean that black cats and kittens can remain with foster carers for much longer than is ideal - when what they really need is to be cared for in their own permanent home.

Black kittens really are as cute and beautiful as any other and of course the colour of a cats fur has no influence on how friendly and affectionate it is.

Pure black cats are very common indeed, we have many that come into our care each year, they all need to be rehomed. The photos on this page are of some of our previous black foster kittens that all found forever homes, hopefully they will help you to appreciate just how nice a black kitten or cat is. Please look through our cat rehoming pages to see if we have any black cats or kittens currently in need of new homes.


Beautiful Ivor - Black Kitten
Ivor - Cool black kitten
Isla is a very cute little black kitten
Sleeping kittens
Sweep - Lovely black kitten

Glamourpuss - Stunning black cat

Beautiful black kittens grow into stunning black cats!